Product Properties

Gps based tool; our tracking device; With the signals it receives from Gps Satellites, what hour, minute or second your vehicle is measured. mileage speed, where did he wait, how much weight the total weight; Easy to use and practical tool to track mileage. is our tracking system.

With alarm options that you can set if you want, when your vehicle is above a speed limit you want, when you exceed the waiting period you want, or when it is used outside of your desired time and place, you can send an alarm signal or an alarm message to your mobile phone. can easily recognize the violation to you.

By using this system 24/7 online. Every think; You can check the movement and get the past reports without any limitation, either in writing or as a picture on the map.

Thanks to our system, you can watch your vehicle comfortably and practically in 81 provinces of Turkey and in all regions of Turkey by going down to the street and street details from our map.