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We had an interview with its owner, Volkan EKEN, about ATC Vehicle Tracking Systems.

- How long have you been using ATC Vehicle Tracking System?

     We have been using ATC Vehicle Tracking Systems for about 2 years. Our Turkcell corporate customer representative was instrumental in meeting ATC. Parallel to the increase in the number of vehicles in our fleet, the need for tracking these vehicles emerged and we found it appropriate to work with ATC.


- Could you please share an interesting incident you experienced about ATC Vehicle Tracking Systems?

I mentioned that motorcycle riding is a part of my life. I thought that the vehicle tracking systems we use in our company would be a good alternative to protect my motorcycle against theft. Therefore, I had this system installed on my motorcycle (BMW R 1200GS). Movement and pause alarms in the system were sent to my mobile phone as SMS or e-mail. So I could safely follow my motorcycle where I left off.

Last week, when I woke up on Sunday morning, I saw movement and pause alarms of my motorcycle on my phone. When I checked it from the system, I realized that my motorcycle was not where I left it. I immediately called the police and wanted a team instead of what appeared in the system. Of course, I immediately went to the place where my motorcycle appeared in the system. We found my motorcycle as if we had put it with our hands and took it. This happened in just a few hours. I guess it would be impossible to find my vehicle if I were not using such a system.


- Could you tell us about the benefits of the system for you?

The best part of the system is that we can instantly follow our vehicles and monitor their movements with motion and pause alarm notifications. We can also report backwards. Thus, we can monitor which ways the personnel travels and where they come from; this brings us fuel economy. In addition, it enables us to find our vehicles easily in cases of theft, such as the one I experienced. Especially if you live in the most beautiful city of the world like Istanbul, where we live, but where I cannot say the same thing as public order, you should definitely use a vehicle tracking device. I think it should not be considered only institutionally. I think everyone should use this system. I always look for a solution after experiencing a problem, instead of getting rid of the damages of the problem, what can I do to avoid the problem or to deal with the harms of the problem. Instead of trying to get a security payment for my stolen vehicle from the automobile insurance, I said, "What do I do to find it right after it is stolen or stolen?" The answer was vehicle tracking systems for me.


- Finally, is there anything you can say in addition to what you think will be useful to the current system (if this happened too)?

     Now that rtic mobile devices are a part of our lives, ATC must have mobile software compatible for both apple and android. I think it's for android; but that too is in one of the two systems of ATC. Mobile software would be very useful in my opinion. Another issue is that this system must have a power supply that can work independently of the battery. Apart from that, the system works very well.