Chip Plate Won't Track GPS

There will be no tracking feature such as satellite connection and GPS information on chips and tags, only license plate information will be detected.

Turkey's most important traffic started to increase their technology supported measures to end the problem of demographic crash of the Electronic Vehicle Identification System Project has been criticized on the grounds violation of private life. However, the chip plate application received a response from the officials of the General Directorate of Security with criticism. It was stated that the system does not have satellite tracking feature. It is planned to use non-broadcast chips with this system, which has the same features as the Fast Pass System (HGS).


In the system, which is more economical than camera systems, after the completion of the legal solution, all vehicles will be fitted with chip plate and glass labels. The chips and tags to be attached to the vehicles will not have a tracking feature such as satellite connection and positioning (GPS) information, only license plate information can be detected with this system.


Chip and tag reading systems in vehicles will be installed on routes and points where traffic accidents occur intensely and traffic violations are most common.